Gel nail polish looks much like nail polish but has many hidden benefits! It's a formula that is cured under ultraviolet lamps. This makes it last two weeks without chipping, scratching or fading under normal amounts of wear and tear, making them very popular and practical. Compared to other nail treatments, gels are gentler than other overlays, such as false tips and acrylics, and helps to protect the nail from breaking, which helps you to maintain strong and healthy natural nails. Unlike normal nail varnish, there is a treatment to have them removed. So far, we have more than 20 colours available!

​​Claire Kingsmill


Gel polish...

Gel Polish and mini mani​ - £15
​Includes, file, shape, buff and cuticle work to make your nails neater and last longer

French - add £2

​Soak off  £2.50 (available to returning clients only)